Video colposcope SLV-101

Video colposcope SLV-101 – compact portable device with integrated high-quality digital camera-recorder and powerful LED lamp. The main difference between this digital video colposcope and conventional optical devices is the opportunity to view a high-quality zoomed (up to 252-times) image.

Main advantages:

  • It is easy to detect the pathology, even with slight changes in the shape and colour of the tissue;
  • High-quality durable LCD lamp forms white bright light, therefore, regardless of the illumination level in the room, the lamp ensures natural colour of the objects under investigation;
  • Several physicians could take part in the investigation simultaneously;
  • Green filter eliminates red artefacts without disturbing the lighting;
  • S-Video, Video and USB ports enable transfer of video files to any domestic TV, computer screen or computer for further processing, storage and printing of video;
  • Magnification adjustment, automatic and manual focusing, frame fixation are intuitively controlled with buttons on the convenient handle of a device;
  • Software enables data storing, archiving, and accounting, etc. This broadens opportunities to use video colposcope not only for clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients, but also for training and research;

Accessories at Client’s request:
1. 17 "colour monitor;

2. 5.6 "colour monitor;

3. Image archiving software MEDICAP

Image archiving software MEDICAP (Windows XP, VISTA, Windows7)

Software MEDICAP provides an opportunity to create and manage patient database and has the following functions:

- Creation of a catalogue of investigated patients;
- Automatic search in a database;
-Archiving and printing of images generated in the course of investigation;

- Formation of reports based on the results of the research;

- Printing of reports;
- Use of visual reports for scientific and clinical purposes, expert consulting, etc.

The program has a simple and convenient interface:

Obstetrics, gynecology, urology