The Company is proactive in technical and structural engineering of Devices and separate elements; furthermore, the Company provides services in engineering, programming and setting of Electronics. We design various structural elements of devices on a by-order basis; provide engineering, programming and setting of electronic plates services.

UAB “Medelcom International” is completely certified in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2003 and 93/42/EEC standards and have production conformity certificates.

The Company also has many years of experience in creation and production of ultrasonic devices and prepares electronic devices for free sale on the International market in accordance with applicable International requirements and standards.

Our Company actively works on the Global market and executes orders of clients from various countries of the world, renders OUTSOURCE services, namely:

-               Produces and improves mechanical parts of clients’ devices by orders on a by-order basis;

-               Renders services to clients in the sphere of device assembling and setting;

-               Designs mechanical structures of clients’ devices;

-               Designs, programs and produces electronic plates of clients’ devices;

-               Provides other customised services related to planning, designing, and production.

The Company also has many years of experience in international certification of electronics; is able to prepare documents required for certification of a product and coordinate procedures aimed at international certification.

The Company manages installed and constantly upgraded laboratory investigation, engineering, testing and measuring equipment. R&D division fully develops, improves and installs various innovations in the sphere of ultrasound employed at the following directions as:

- Medicine;

- Oil extraction, processing and warehousing infrastructure;

- Space environment;

- Radiation environment;

- Other directions.