“MEDELKOM” company was established by a group of professionals with many years of experience in the development of ultrasound medical diagnostic equipment on 16 November 1990.

In 1991 “MEDELKOM” company created its first product – portable ultrasound device SLE-101 enabling linear electronic scanning. Excellent technical properties and low price got on with their job and ensured extreme popularity of the device continuing until 1995.

In 1992 the company launched production of ultrasonic scanners, and in 1993 started to produce ultrasonic transducers.

In 2013 “Medelkom” changed its name into UAB “Medelcom international”, preserved its trademark and continues development of previously mentioned spheres till now.

Today “Medelcom international” specialises in creation and production of:

- Various medical ultrasound diagnostic scanners;

- Multicomponent ultrasound transducers;

- Digital video colposcopes.

The Company is proactive in development and cooperation of products on a by-order basis:

- OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) components.

The Company has established its own R&D (Research And Development) with a laboratory which fully develops, improves and installs various innovations in the following spheres:

- Medicine;

- Space environment;

- Radiation environment;

- Oil industry

The company uses the most advanced technologies and has the following capabilities:

- Production area – 2500 m²;

- Highly qualified personnel;

- Complete cycle of ultrasound scanners and their ultrasound transducers creation and production;

- Modern electronic component engineering systems, FPGA and ASIC technologies;

- Automated circuit plate production line with surface measurement and wave soldering technology.

Production of ultrasound transducers preconditioned creation and implementations of the following unique technological processes:

- Precision Piezoelectric Cutting;

- High precision photochemistry and electroplating;

- Organic chemistry;

- Precision assembling;

- Checking and adjusting electrical parameters;

- Testing.

Since 1994 our Company actively works on the Global market, participates in International Medical Equipment Exhibitions in Germany (Düsseldorf), India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, and others. The geography of our partners is over 40 countries worldwide.