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· Ultrasound Diagnostic instrumentation aboard ISS
Space Applications
Aboard the International Space Station (ISS), there is not enough room for a fully functioning hospital or staff of doctors. It is also not feasible for a crewmember to return to Earth for a quick medical checkup. This experiment allows for efficient diagnosis of medical problems with minimal use of onboard resources. The ability of crewmembers to use an ultrasound machine with remote instruction, along with ground analysis, promotes timely treatment and averts unnecessary evacuation. Using a modification of this technology, crewmembers as far away as Mars could obtain remote examinations from doctors on Earth. This type of capability is essential for long-term space exploration.
· Subclavian Venous Catheterization: Greater Success Rate for Less Experienced Operators Using Ultrasound Guidance
· Ultrasound Guidance of Central Vein Catheterization



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