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Company has established its own R&D (Research and Development) division managing completely equipped and constantly upgraded laboratory investigation, engineering, testing and measuring equipment. R&D division fully develops, improves and installs various innovations in the sphere of ultrasound employed at the following directions as:

- Medicine;

- Oil extraction, processing and warehousing infrastructure;

- Space environment;

- Radiation environment;

- Other directions.


The company uses the most advanced technologies and has the following capabilities:

- Production area – 2500 m²;

- Highly qualified personnel;

- Complete cycle of ultrasound scanners and their ultrasound transducers creation and production;

- Modern electronic component engineering systems, FPGA and ASIC technologies;

- Automated circuit plate production line with surface measurement and wave soldering technology.


Production of ultrasound transducers preconditioned creation and implementations of the following unique technological processes:

- Precision Piezoelectric Cutting;

- High precision photochemistry and electroplating;

- Organic chemistry;

- Precision assembling;

- Checking and adjusting electrical parameters;

- Testing.


Since 1994 our Company actively works on the Global market and proposes customer-specific non-standard solutions on a by-order basis: implements various software, structural and other innovations in the sphere of ultrasound for industries. The Company also has many years of experience in implementation of innovations starting with the idea, or drafting a technical task, and finishing with created prototypes, as well we ensure certification of a prototype, finalisation of a final product and its preparation for international market.





Office: +370 5 264 19 89

Fax: +370 5 267 06 65




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